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Coach Cynthia Luna, NBC-HWC

I am a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and a Behavior Change Specialist who, in addition to working with clients to make life affirming behavior changes, supports individuals and groups to build resilience, grow in empathy, and reclaim their personal power.

As an Enhanced Practitioner of Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), I work with people to find commonality and points of connection. And, as an Enhanced Practitioner of Breakthrough Coaching, I work with clients to uncover their underlying beliefs, assumptions, and values to achieve profound breakthroughs in their own self-awareness. I am also an MBTI® Certified Practitioner.

What I do...

I support my clients as they endure forward so that they can become more resilient in their daily lives. I combine traditional coaching competencies with non-traditional approaches such as curated book club experiences & community Coachversations™ to assist my clients in exploring life's big questions and gaining greater self-awareness.

How I do what I do...

My approach varies by client, but at its foundation, my work is about holding space to allow my clients an opportunity to: 

  • Take a deep breath
  • Air what's there
  • Explore & learn from what's there
  • Find firmer footing
  • Commit to taking the next best action
To support me in my work, I rely upon the following coaching competencies: 1) Motivational Interviewing, 2) Appreciative Inquiry, and 3) Transtheoretical Model of Change.

How a Coach Might Work for You...

The right coach can help clients make shifts in their thinking to open themselves up to new learning & new possibilities. Consider the following...
  • Are you weighed down by the relentless disruption of our agile new normal?
  • Are you paralyzed by fear of making a decision (or taking an action) you know you need to make?
  • Does the pace of life leave you feeling that there's little space to even catch your breath?
  • Do you just need an empathetic ear who is there solely for you  as you explore and grow into your own power?
  • Are you open to being held accountable for the promises you make to yourself?
  • Are you looking for a partner who has been there and understands that true transformation can be a bit messy?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, a coach might be right for you.

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