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Helping to Rebuild Community One Coachversation at a time...

The tragic murder of George Floyd, and all the other souls we have lost under similar circumstances, has brought into stark relief the divides among our communities. Many of us may be questioning who we are and what it is we want to be as a nation. As an African American mom raising a mixed-race boy, these losses come too close and too often for my comfort. As a health and wellness coach, I feel compelled to serve in this moment. 

Though my practice remains focused on its central mission of helping individuals and groups to thrive through the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, many of my clients are also beginning to explore the themes of empathy, resilience, and personal narratives. I am honored to accompany them on this journey of higher self-growth.

Through the lens of story and building trust through conversation, there is a safe space coaches can hold for individuals of all stripes to explore and connect with the experiences of others, explore areas of intersectionality and similarity, and envision for themselves a new way of engaging with the "other." It is also through the lens of our own narratives that we can better begin to understand who we are at our core. 

It my sincere desire to provide a safe space for my clients to explore their stories and help them claim those aspects of their narratives that will drive "community" forward in an affirming and transformational way.

 If my words resonate with you and you believe I may be the "right fit" to work with you on your specific challenge, please do not hesitate to contact me.