Curated Book Club Experiences

I'm an avid reader and, if you're a reader like me, you know that nothing brings people together and shifts perspectives more than the pages of a well-crafted non-fiction narrative. Over the evolution of my practice I have come to see great benefit in bringing my two passions (i.e., reading & helping people transform their lives) together. 

My book clubs are specially curated, coach-led group coaching experiences that bring together individuals & teams with common goals to explore themes such as: resilience, gratitude, courage, empathy, tolerance, and forgiveness to name a few.

If you are looking for a book club for your organization, reach out to me directly via email to request a consultation to discuss my Corporate Curated Book Club Experience.

If you are new to coaching and are not entirely sure individualized coaching is for you, I invite you to take the survey below and I will update you when a new group is forming.

~Coach Cynthia

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5 for 5 Challenge

This challenge was created for my fellow readers to grow in empathy for and connection with our global community. On July 4th, an intrepid group of readers started reading 5 books in 5 months. Book selections included authors from all 5 racial categories recognized by the US Census and involved intimate, true stories that exemplify resilience, gratitude, courage, justice/injustice, or forgiveness.

Though the 5 for 5 Challenge is no longer open for registration, I will gladly share the reading list; just shoot me an email and enter "5 for 5 Reading List" in the subject line.

~ Coach Cynthia