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Services for Groups & Teams

Group Coaching 

Group Sessions

60 to 90 minutes in length 

Sessions offered virtually

On-site, in-person sessions also available 

6 month minimum commitment

Workshops & Trainings

Offered on a routine basis

Facilitated virtually "in-person" or via recording

Access to recordings are free to existing clients

Curated Book Club Experiences

 Specially curated, coach-facilitated book club  experiences that bring together people with common goals to explore themes such as: resilience, gratitude, empathy, meaning, mindfulness, tolerance, and forgiveness to name a few.

What my clients are saying

I recently participated in Lunation Wellness's "Finding your Fitness Personality" session in Washington D.C. As a fitness trainer I have never seen this approach when dealing with clients and their fitness goals. It was an eye-opener for me and will help me tremendously on a personal and professional level. I highly recommend this business and their services.

L. Nyankale, Fitness Trainer